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Scheduling using the Calendar

The LibreHealth EHR Calendar keeps track of patient appointments and schedule of providers, thereby alleviating management of events at the facility. This robust service, to some extent, automates the creation of patient visit reports and bills.

This Calendar wiki page was contributed by Sahithi Rampalli under the guidance of Harley Tuck. This page is intended to give an overview of calendar settings and functionality.

Sahithi Rampalli, LibreHealth EHR-Outreachy Internship applicant, 26 Mar 2018.

Calendar Global Settings

The calendar global settings can be found under Calendar tab at Administration -> Globals.

The global settings for calendar allow to set some general properties of calendar like the start and end time slots to be displayed, length of each calendar block, display colors of appointments etc. Description of each calendar global setting can be found here (<hyperlink>).

Calendar Administration Settings

Calendar Administration settings can be found at Administration -> Other -> Calendar Administration.

These settings allow to customize different categories of time slots (events) for providers and patients. The events for providers include in-office time, out-of-office time, lunch time and more. The events for patients include different services they receive in the facility like opthalmological services, preventive care services and more. One can also create a new category and customize it as per the requirement.

The following settings can be set for each category.

  • Display name of the category
  • Default duration in minutes
    • 'All day' should be disabled if 'Duration' is set.
  • All day can be selected to display the category for the entire calendar time.
  • An optional free text description.
  • A display color which can be chosen from a color picker.
  • Type indicates whom the category is applicable to - Patient, Provider or Clinic.
    • Clinic is currently disabled.

Calendar Interface

Once the calender global settings are set, some of them are directly evident on the calendar interface like the start and end time of the calendar, the length of each calendar block, the provider’s names etc.

Following can be found on the left pane of the interface:

  • A date picker
    • To open a particular date on the calendar.
  • List of users
    • Select users from this user list whose calendar is to be displayed.
    • This list contains only those users who are authorized as Providers. The authorization can be updated at Administration -> Users.
  • The names of the Facility.
    • Only the names of the Facilities whose service location is enabled are displayed.
    • The facilities can be added or updated under Administration -> Facilities.

The top right corner of the interface has 4 tabs - 1 day, 2 day, week and month. Selecting a tab displays the corresponding number of days on the calendar. The top of the page has left and right arrows to navigate through the previous and next days of the calendar. The search widget helps in searching for an appointment by entering patient name or ID and date range as search terms.


Scheduler is mainly used for scheduling patient appointments.

Clicking on any block of the calendar opens a form where one can schedule an event.

Provider Tab

The first step is to add the in-office and out-of-office time for each provider. This will highlight the working hours of the provider. An appointment can be scheduled within this period only. It is advised to add lunch hour for every provider.

  • Category
    • Indicates the event to be assigned for a chosen time slot. Note that these categories are same as those created under calendar administration settings under Type - Provider.
  • Date
    • A date or start date from when the event is to be scheduled.
  • Title
    • Display title of the event.
  • Facility
    • Choose the Facility and the Billing Facility where the event is intended to happen.
  • Provider
  • Preferred Category
    • Categorize this time slot if appropriate
  • Comments
  • All day event
    • Select this option, if the category is applicable for the entire day.
  • Time
    • The time in the day when the event should begin.
  • Duration
    • The period over which this event should happen.
    • For in-office and out-of-office, the duration should be left as 0 as they only mark the beginning and the end of the working hours.
  • Repeat - Until
    • Choose repeat option whenever a category is applicable for a large period of time.
    • In-office and out-of-office are to be set for all working days.
    • Choose a date until when this category should be applied.
    • It is advised to keep these settings for at most 2 years.

When done, click save. Refresh the calendar tab to view the updates.

Patient appointments can be marked on the calendar blocks by a user who is authorized as a provider under Administration -> Users.

Patient Tab

  • Category
    • Indicates the service that the patient would like to receive. Note that these categories are same as those created under calendar administration settings under Type - Patient.
  • Date
    • A date or start date from when the service should begin.
  • Title
    • Display title of the service.
  • Facility
    • Choose the Facility and the Billing Facility where the service is scheduled.
  • Patient
    • Clicking on this field will open a search dialogue box to search and select a patient.
  • Provider
    • Choose the provider responsible for this appointment.
  • Status
    • Choose the patient’s status like arrived (@), arrived late (~), canceled (x) etc. if applicable. The status helps to take a peek into the encounters and appointments of the day.
    • The list of appointment statuses can be updated at Administration->Lists->Appointment Statuses.
  • Room Number allotted to the patient to receive the service.
  • Time - Duration
    • The time slot for the appointment.
    • Duration of the appointment.
  • Repeat - Until
    • Choose repeat option if applicable.

Note: Few services for patients may be available only during certain time slots. Click the ‘Find Available’ button at the bottom of the dialogue box to find out the available slots. The available slots are shown in Blue and those not available are shown in Red. Click on any available slot to book the service during that slot.

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