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Overview of Patient Flow Board

Flow Board is another use case of LibreHealth EHR. Calendar and Flow Board work together. Flow Board is an organized way to view the patient appointments scheduled using Calendar. Any changes made in patient appointments in Calendar are reflected in Flow Board.

This Flow Board wiki page was contributed by Sahithi Rampalli under the guidance of Harley Tuck.

Sahithi Rampalli, LibreHealth EHR-Outreachy Internship applicant, 26 Mar 2018.

Flow Board Global Settings

The Flow Board global settings can be found under Calendar tab at Administration -> Globals. These settings help in setting up the patient Flow Board. Description of each Flow Board global setting can be found here (<hyperlink>) .

Flow Board Local Settings

The settings menu is found on top left corner of the Flow Board tab as a gear icon.

Selecting a check box from these settings displays the corresponding field in the Flow Board besides the default fields. These settings are a subset of the Flow Board global settings.

‘Patient Flow Board Timer Interval’ is the time period at which the Flow Board is refreshed. This is 20s by default.

Flow Board Selection Tool

This tool allows us to choose the provider whose appointments we would like to view.

The selection terms also include the patient’s current status, the date or date range of the appointments. If none of these are specified, the flowboard displays all the patient appointments under the given provider over a period of one year starting from the current date.

List of Appointments

Based on the selection terms, the list of patient appointments are displayed on the Flow Board. The information shown depends on the Flow Board settings discussed above. Fields like patient ID, name, Appointment Date and Time, Status etc. are displayed.

The Status field blinks over a short time period at the time of appointment. Clicking on a patient’s status allows you to update patient’s status and room number. These changes are reflected in Calendar as well.

Each patient’s information is shown in a color depending on the appointment status code which would be set at Administration -> Lists -> Appointments statuses.

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