HOWTO: Add A New User

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This is the basic workflow to add a new user to the list of people authorized to access the practice's EMR.

The target audience of this documentation is a person in the practice who holds some management or administrative capacity yet who is not necessarily an EHR administrator or trained in IT. However the user who performs this workflow does need to have Administrator access to the EHR.

Harley Tuck Lead LibreHealth EHR Documentarian, 12 December 2018
Revised: Virginia Balserio, LibreHealth EHR Documentation Intern, 14 January 2019


1) Open the User module: from the main menu: Administration / Users


2) Click Add User


  • This will open a popup window

3) Click Add Profile Picture to upload from the local computer a picture file of the user.


  • Once you have uploaded the picture, the following window will be displayed where the profile picture can be edited with the button Edit Profile Picture.


Referring to the top portion of the Add User popup image above:
4) Enter all the required items (shown by *)

Some good things to know:
  • Username is case sensitive
  • Pass Phrase is for the new user
  • Your Passphrase is that of the Admin user creating the new user
  • Ignore Groupname
  • Provider checkbox: select if new user is a provider and will be listed on the practice's appointment calendar
  • Provider Type - (below) is displayed in this user's listing in the practice's Address Book


Referring to the bottom portion of the Add User popup image below:

  • See Authorizations - sets which non-provider notes this user can authorize (AKA 'e-sign').
Choices: “None”, “Mine”, “All”.
  • Default Warehouse - relates to a practice's inventory system, if configured. See that documentation if it applies.
  • Access Control - Scroll to the bottom of the pick list past the ARO Groups, and select the user's Access Control Group according to their occupation in the practice.
  • Different groups do have constraints on the EHR Main Menu items they can use: certain non-Administrators can't see the Administration menu item.
  • Custom groups can be added to give fine-grained control of users' access to EHR capabilities.

See Conclusion below for details.

  • Additional Information a free-text field that displays in the third column of the user list (below).


  • Menu Role - if any are configured, select the role that further restricts the user's access to the EHR's main menu.
See Conclusion below for details.
  • Full screen page enabled and Full screen page:
  • A user can be created specifically to display just one page, and select which page it is of the choices, 'Calendar' and 'Flow Board'
  • Primarily used for kiosks in the practice
  • Disregard the NewCrop eRX item

5) Click Save at top of Add User popup


This is the workflow for creating a standard user with the default configuration options.

Custom ACL groups may be created to assign specific access privileges to particular users; see wiki page HOWTO: Add A Custom ACL Group