HOWTO: Merge Patient Records

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HOWTO: Merge Patient Records


In this guide we’ll see how to merge patients in LibreHealth EHR.

Karen Palacio, Applicant for LibreHealth Documentation Intern, 7th November of 2018.


We’ll be merging the example patient’s Jenny Johnson duplicate records, which have PID 74 and PID 16. Both share the same Name, DOB and SSN but otherwise have different information.

MergePt-EN-KP-mp 01.png

MergePt-EN-KP-mp 02 1.png

MergePt-EN-KP-mp 02.png

  • Jenny Johnson(PID 74) has a more complete chart, so we’ll be merging Jenny Johnson(PID 16) into Jenny Johnson(PID 74).

1. Using the navigation bar at the top of the screen go to Administration. A dropdown will appear. In the option Other, click the option Merge Patients.

MergePt-EN-KP-mp 03.png

2. The Merge Patients tab will appear.

MergePt-EN-KP-mp 04.png

  • Please read carefully the text in the Merge Patients tab before continuing. The merge can not be reversed and if no adequate backup has been made patient information will be lost.

3. Click the Target Patient box.

MergePt-EN-KP-mp 05.png

  • Search for the patient chart with the most complete information of the two, since the Target Patient chart’s Demographics, History and Insurance sections will remain after the merge.

4. A Search Tab will appear.

MergePt-EN-KP-mp 06.png

  • In this case, the duplicates share the same name, so we’ll be using Name as searching criteria. This isn’t necessarily the case with all duplicates.

5. Enter the name of the Target Chart and click the Search button.

MergePt-EN-KP-mp 07.png

6. A list of patient records will appear. Choose the patient’s chart by clicking its row.

MergePt-EN-KP-mp 08.png

7. Repeat the same steps for the Source Patient.

  • For the Source Patient, search for the patient chart with the least complete information of the two, since the Source Patient chart’s Demographics, History and Insurance sections will be deleted after the merge.

MergePt-EN-KP-mp 08 2.png

  • Before continuing, make sure the patients are indeed duplicates, and that they are the duplicates you want to merge, in the correct order.

8. Click the Merge button at the center of the tab.

MergePt-EN-KP-mp 09.png

9. A code will appear in the Merge Patients tab.

MergePt-EN-KP-mp 10.png

  • If the code that appears on the screen doesn’t look like this, copy/paste it and send it to the System Administrator.
  • The next two images are examples of unsuccessful merges:

MergePt-EN-KP-mp 11.png

MergePt-EN-KP-mp 12.png

10. You can verify the successful merge by checking that the Source Patient doesn’t exist anymore.

MergePt-EN-KP-mp 13.png

You can also see that the allergy information, that PID 16 had, merged successfully with PID 74’s record.

MergePt-EN-KP-mp 14.png


In this guide we have seen how to merge patients in LibreHealth EHR.

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