HOWTO Change Patient Search Columns

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HOW TO: Change Patient Search Columns


This is a quick HOW-TO on modifying the columns accepted by the ‘Patient/Client’ display. You need Administrator privileges to do this. This quick reference provides the steps you need to change Patient Search Columns on LibreHealth. The change can either be an addition or a removal of the columns. You must be an Administrator to change the Patient search columns.

- Nnubia Ogbuefi, LibreHealth Documentation Candidate, [March 11th, 2018]


  • From the Top Nav menu, go to Administration --> Lists. This will pull up the Edit List tab

Administration Lists.png

  • In the Edit List column, type Patient List Columns.

Patient List Columns.png

To add new columns

  1. Enter the ID (Enter the column ID without space. Use an underscore _ instead),
  2. Title (Enter what you want to display as title. The use of space-bar is allowed),
  3. Order (Order value determines where in the line of search terms that item appears),
  4. Choose whether you want to set it as Default or Active,
  5. Add a Note or Code(s),
  6. click save

Fill in details.png

To remove a column

  1. Delete the contents of all columns in the unwanted row.
    Note: Only delete entry the contents if you are sure you do not need the columns. If unsure, uncheck the checkbox under the Active column.
  2. Click save

  • Search your revision using the Patient Search tool. From the Top Nav menu, to Patient/Client --> Finder.

Client Finder.png

Note: The fields must match the beginning of the term. It cannot search Street name, only number. In this illustration, we typed 44 in the Street search column. It displayed all the streets starting with 44. If you type Main, it will not return 4432 MainSt.

Patient Search Columns.gif


These are the steps to change Patient Search Columns.

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