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Hello Folks-

I would like to offer the basic guidelines of HOWTO: create page on Mediawiki. This guideline was written specifically for those who are new to Mediawiki and are not aware of how to create documentation page on Mediawiki.

Mediawiki is a wiki engine used by Wikipedia and it is so-called open source application. Medaiwiki consists of collection of Wikipages with information. User can create and edit these pages due to its universally accessible nature. It has a number of tools to make process quite easy to track changes so that everyone can see who does what and if something goes wrong it can be easily fixed by an administrator. There are various way to search for information and it is also possible to organize the information in categories. By using internal and external links, user can refer to other pages in the wiki as well as pages of World Wide Web. User can upload files and due to its centralized nature data can be displayed in the browser such as images, spreadsheets, word documents, power point and PDF’s etc.

Bhawana, LibreHealthEHR Documentation, 20 Mar 2018


This article shows how to create a Mediawiki page for writing documentation as well as how to upload images on Wikipedia Commons: upload wizard, to use these images in generating Mediawiki page. Wikipedia Commons is a Mediawiki utility which forwards you to Wikipedia page to upload Files as much you wanted to upload.


  1. Type in your Browser. Click on "Create account".

    Create Account login.jpg

  2. Enter your personal information to setup an account on Mediawiki. Type username (publically visible) and password.

    Login Information.jpg

  3. At the top right corner, click on the respective username to create a page on Mediawiki.

    Username to createpage.jpg

  4. Click on "create this page" to open a new window for writing content.

    Create this page.jpg

  5. Point the cursor to "switch editor" option and select "source editing" from the drop down list.

    Source editing.jpg

  6. Type the content you want to display by manually typing or you can alternatively copy/ paste the mediawiki markup content from another source.

    Creating user.jpg

  7. Click on "show preview" button to view the page.
    Show preview.jpg

  8. Check the contents.
    Page preview.jpg

  9. Click on "Publish page" button.
    Publish page.jpg

  10. Your page has been created on Mediawiki. Make any changes if required by clicking on "edit source" link.

    Mediawiki first page.jpg

  11. Click on Mediawiki Commons → In other projects. On the left side of your Mediawiki page.

    Wikimedia commons other proj.jpg

  12. Click on Upload file in Wikipedia Commons. It will ask for "login" to upload files. Provide same username and password used for Mediawiki login. It will forward you to new page name Wikimedia Commons → upload wizard. Click on "next" button and select media you want to share.

    Upload wizard.jpg

  13. Click on the continue button to proceed further. Select the radio button "This is my own work" to provide copyright for the image. Write the description of the uploaded file and select the publish date. Click on "next" it will show some warnings. Click "Ok".

    Upload wizard add file.jpg

  14. If it shows some error while uploading file change the file name accordingly. The file is uploaded successfully. Use the file name in your Mediawiki documentation creation to use image on Mediawiki page.
    Upload successful.jpg

  15. To see all uploaded image click on "uploads" to see file list of images.

    File list.jpg

  16. To create other pages in Mediawiki on same "user: your name" ('here Demo02') directory. copy the url of recently created Mediawiki page and paste it in the new browser window., put backslash(/) and write your new Mediawiki page name ('here my_new_page') after it. and create the new page by clicking "create this page" link. Repeat the steps from 4 to 10.

  17. To create a page on Sanbox. Click on login to the page using your same username and password used for Wikimedia login. It will add the "Sandbox" utility to your Mediawiki page. Click on " sandbox" on upper right corner and start writing your content or copy/paste from some other source. This link is providing a demonstration sandbox link

    Create sandbox page.jpg

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