HOWTO Upload Documents to a Patient Record

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HOW TO: Upload documents to patient record


The guide provides the steps you need to upload of documents to a patient record in the LibreHealth EHR.

The templates can be uploaded as an OpenDocument format (.odt), Portable Document Format (.pdf) or plain text (.txt).

Paula C. Asto, LibreHealth Documentation Applicant, October 31, 2018


To Upload a File

1. From the Top Nav menu, go to Patient/Client -> Finder, you will see Patient Finder tab.


2. In this illustration, we will use Dirt, Joe as our patient for upload a file in the patient record.


3. Click on “Documents” under Dirt, Joe tab


4. On the Documents tab, you may select any of the categories listed in the document tree, however for this tutorial select “Patient Information” under the Categories (red box in the figure below) to upload a document in the category of patient Information.
5. Click on “Browse...” and select the file stored on your hard drive that you want to upload.
6. Enter the “Optional Destination Name” or leave it blank as default.
7. Click on “Upload”.


8. It will show you an Upload Report (green box in the figure below) and the file uploaded will be under the Patient Information.
Note: The name of the file uploaded will be show with the respective date (red box in the figure below).


To Delete the Upload

1. Click on the document uploaded, in the illustration is 2018-11-05 woc.odt. Note: To delete a document uploaded, you need Administrator privileges.


2. Select the “Delete” button from the options shown.
3. A pop-up will appear for you to select “Yes, Delete and Log” and “No, Cancel”. To delete the upload, select the first option.


4. Another pop-up will appear with the words Delete successful.


These are the steps required to upload and delete documents to patient record in LibreHealth EHR.

Deleting a document uploaded is a simple process, but you need administrator privileges to do this. Information about how to upload templates for system collection of patient documents is quite different and will be in a separate guide to avoid confusion.

Check out the LibreHealth community inside the LibreHealth Forums.

We hope this user guide will help you when you use LibreHealth EHR.

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