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LibreHealth EHRs Emergency Access Procedure


Emergencies are unforeseen circumstances that require immediate action to avoid unpleasant outcomes. With the LibreHealth EHR, it is possible create an emergency action (EA) user (a user who has the “Emergency Login” privilege) to intervene in case of an emergency. This user, once logged in can perform similar functions to the Administrator(s).

The purpose of this document is to explain how to use the LibreHealth EHR’s built in tools to handle emergencies. The procedure is broken down into three main phases:

  • Before the emergency; creating an EA user;
  • During the emergency; intervening as an EA user;
  • After the emergency.

Nguedia Adele, LibreHealth EHR Documentation Intern, 27 March 2018.

Emergency access procedure

Creating an EA user

Whether you choose to add the “Emergency Login” privilege to an existing user or to create a new one, it is highly recommended that this user be dedicated solely to emergencies. To create an EA user:

  1. On the navigation menu, go to “Administration → Users”
    Location of "users" option on the navigation menu

  2. On the screen which appears, select a user from those available (blue square in the diagram below) or create a new user (red circle in the diagram below).
    Create new user or select an existing user to grant emergency login permission to

  3. Fill in the necessary information about the user and select the “Emergency Login” option in the access control menu (green oval in the diagram below). Once you are done, click the save button at the top of the form (red oval in the figure below).
    Fill the necessary information and grant the user emergency login privileges
    (Choose a plain, obvious user name to avoid any possible inconveniences)
  4. When the user is created, a notice appears with the advice to keep the user account inactive until required during emergency situations along with directives on how to do this (blue oval in the diagram below).
    A notice with the advice to keep the EA user account inactive until required

How to activate/deactivate an EA user

Go to “Administration → Users” and select the EA user you want to activate/deactivate. Check or uncheck the “Active” option to activate or deactivate respectively (red oval in the image below).
Activate/deactivate EA user

Intervening as an EA user

  1. Activate the EA user account: this is to be done by an administrator.
  2. Login with the EA user credentials (name and password).
    EA user login
  3. Once logged in, the user has complete Administrative abilities and can access every option available to the Administrators. He or she can access patients’ information and perform the required action(s) for the emergency at hand.
    EA user logged in
    Records of the user’s activities are saved in the system log. These can be accessed through the navigation menu: “Administration → Other → Logs” as shown in the diagram below.
    Access system logs
  4. After the task has been completed, log out (red oval on the image below).
    LibreHealth EA user Logout

After the emergency

  • After the emergency has been handled, the EA user account should be deactivated (procedure explained above).
  • It is also advisable to render the account unusable by changing the credentials (username and/or password).


  • EA user accounts should be used solely for emergency situations.
  • The EA user, when logged in has access to every Administrative function.
  • After the emergency has been handled the EA account should be deactivated.

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