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The Access Control List (ACL) is a collection of all the activities a user can perform in the EHR.
They are assigned to users by an Administrator, in the ACL module which is reached through the Main Menu, 'Administration / ACL'.

This document provides a brief elucidation of what each of the ACLs actually do.

Harley Tuck, LibreHealth EHR Lead Documentarian 4 Feb 2019

List of ACLs



  • use all functions under main menu item 'Billing'

Price Discounting

  • modify prices in Fee Sheet or Checkout form

EOB Data Entry

  • use the 'Batch Payment Entry' module

Financial Reporting - my encounters

  • run reports on only the logged in users' encounters

Financial Reporting - anything

  • run reports on any encounters


ACL Administration

  • administer user access controls.

Batch Communication Tool

  • configure and use batch communication tool for generating reminders etc.

Calendar Settings

  • administer calendar time block categories

Database Reporting

  • use the embedded phpmyadmin module (not active)

Pharmacy Dispensary

  • administer and configure the pharmacy dispensary module

Forms Administration

  • administer and use the contributed forms module

Language Interface Tool

  • administer and use the translations

Practice Settings

  • administer and edit practice settings: pharmacies, insurance companies, insurance numbers, X12 partners, documents, HL7Viewer


  • affords Admin privileges in these areas:
    • Configure Globals
    • Use External Data Loads module
    • Use Backup module
    • Administer Lists (including LBF Module)
    • Administer Layouts (including LBF Module)
    • Delete Patients
    • Delete Issues
    • Delete Patient Notes
    • Delete Encounters
    • Delete Forms
    • Delete Transactions
    • Delete Bills
    • Delete items in the Pharmacy dispensary module
    • Delete scanned forms (from 'contrib scanned forms' module)

Superbill Codes Administration

  • create and and edit service codes.

Users/Groups/Logs Administration

  • administer user-specific settings, e.g., user information, user logs, groups, user SSL certificates and facilities


Authorize - my encounters

  • allows e-signing current user's own encounters

Authorize - any encounters

  • allows e-signing any user's encounters

Coding - my encounters

  • may enter codes into current user's own fee sheet

Coding - any encounters

  • may enter codes into current user's own fee sheet

Fix encounter dates - any encounters

  • alter encounter dates

Notes - my encounters

  • add notes to current user's encounters

Notes - any encounters

  • add notes to current user's encounters

Less-private information

  • access less private information


These apply only to the 'listbox with add' objects used in Layouts and LBFs

Country List

  • edit that list

Default List

  • add items to the list that do not have a specific control for them.

Ethnicity-Race List

  • edit that list

Language List

  • edit that list

State List

  • edit that list

Patient Portal

  • permits access to the Onsite Patient Portal, at the address specified in Administration-> Globals, the Portal tab



  • allows editing of the modules that appear in the main menu



  • wsome - schedule appointments but not double book or schedule outside of a providers calendar schedule
  • write - double book and schedule appointments outside of provider's calendar schedule


  • addonly - enter new patient demographics and insurance
  • write - enter new and edit current patient demographics and insurance


  • upload documents to a patient record

Medical / History

  • addonly - add new records to the patient's medical records, specifically Issues
  • write - add new and modify medical records, specifically Issues

Patient Notes

  • addonly and write - both may view and create patient notes

Sign Lab Results

  • sign labs configured in the 'Procedures' module


  • create and edit patient referrals


Normal* view 'Normal' sensitivity encounters.

High* view 'High' sensitivity encounters.


ACO: n* special purpose system access ACL groups.


Post to the LHEHR forum if further clarification of these ACLs is needed.