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LibreHealth EHR has a large number of prepared reports on all aspects of a practice's activities and the EHR functions.

These descriptions of the reports have many helpful pictures which nevertheless slow the page load time. So to help with that, the descriptions have been broken into functional groupings based on their position in the Reports submenu.

Links to pages:

  • This Introduction page

The menu items with the most reports:

And one page for the few remaining reports:

The LibreHeatlh EHR application is a clinically-focused electronic health record system designed to be both easy to use “out of the box” and also customizable for use in a variety of health care settings. The application is designed to be a modern, easy-to-use experience for health care professionals in their daily work. The present document gives a brief and step by step idea for using Reports menu in LibreHealth EHR application. The Reports menu provide us the details for the reports of clients, visits, finances, procedures, insurance, blank form and services.

  • Nikita Sharma, LibreHealth EHR Documentation Intern, 20 Mar 2018 / HTuck ed.

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The Reports

  • Locate the ‘Reports’ tab in main menu at the top.

    Introduction 1.png
  • By clicking on ‘Reports’, you will get different categories in reports naming: clients, visits, finances, procedures, insurance, blank form and services.

    Introduction - Report.png

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