Register a New Patient Through the Patient Portal

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This article will show how to register as a new patient through your health care clinic's portal. If you

already registered in person at the clinic you need not do this. The clinic will provide you the portal URL from their website or by some other means.

The LibreHealthEHR patient portal offers many helpful tools for communication between patient and healthcare provider. The portal can save both a lot of time, allowing patients and providers to exchange documents and messages as well as update personal information.

  • Bhawana Singh, Documentation Intern 4/18 / HTuck ed.


Prepare for registration by having your email address ready, and if you have insurance, gather the following information:

  • Insurance company name
  • Plan name
  • Policy number
  • Group number
  • Policy begin date
  • Co-payment amount.

1. Following the link to the portal shows this opening screen. Click the 'Register' button (red oval below) to proceed.

LibreHealthEHR Login portal.jpg

2. Contact screen


  • a) the language you prefer,
  • b) enter your first and last name,
  • c) DOB and
  • d) e-mail (arrow lower left)
  • This email address is required to receive registration confirmation and is how you will exchange messages with the clinic.

When finished click the 'Next' button.


3. Profile screen

  • Select the Primary Physician from the dropdown
  • Fill in required fields indicated by the little green icon (arrows)
  • Different clinics may require different data of their patients.
  • If you miss required information it will signal you to provide it before registration can continue; the required information will be outlined in red (red rectangle)
  • When finished click the 'Next' button.


4. Insurance screen

  • If you have no insurance enter "Self" in the Insurance Company text area.
  • If you do, enter the required information for your primary insurance in the specified areas.
  • When finished click the 'Next' button.

LibreHealthEHR Insurance-window.jpg

5. Register Screen

  • This panel shows that you have done with your registration. Click 'Send request' button (lower right)
  • A pop-up will show your login information which you may write down if you wish.

LibreHealthEHR Register-window.jpg

6. "Access Your Patient Portal"

Go to the e-mail which you provided during registration and see the message from the clinic which shows the portal login.

  • Click on the link or copy/paste the URL into your browser and surf to it.

Noreply mailDemo.jpg

7. In patient portal login page

  • enter your user name and password credentials mentioned in your email.
  • Click 'Log In' button (blue oval below)

LibreHealthEHR patient-portal-window.jpg

8. "Enter New Passphrase" panel

  • Create a new passphrase
  • Enter the passphrase given in the email
  • Enter your new passphrase
  • Enter your new passphrase again to confirm
  • Enter your email
  • Click 'Log In' button

LibreHealthEHR Pass-phrase-screen.jpg

9. After performing all these steps, you will see your portal screen.

  • At left is the main menu with the tools available to communicate with your clinic.
  • Your clinic's offering may vary from this menu.
  • You can log out from the portal from the bottom left corner (green oval)
or at top right corner click on your name and select 'Logout' (arrow).

LibreHealthEHR main-profile-window.jpg


This is how to register as a new patient in your healthcare clinic's LibreHealth EHR Patient Portal.