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YES- we accept contributed documentation

-- from users who are proficient in a useful workflow and would like to make it available to the body of healthcare professionals that use LibreHealth EHR. Authors who publish documentation on this wiki receive full credit for it, and also help promote the uptake of LibreHealth EHR.

The Libre documentation project has already benefited greatly from the contributions of many interns who submitted much of the content of the 'To The Docs!' section up to this point. One especially helpful set of submissions is the translations into French of several of the Libre Features and Clinic Workflows. So if you have a special insight into a Libre workflow, or an expert health care vocabulary in a language besides English, read on to see how you can participate.

In another document I've developed a style guide containing some short notes on the rudimentary best practices one should observe when writing this style of documentation. Please at least be aware of them, though your docs will not be rejected if they differ from the recommendations!

Thanks in advance! - Harley Tuck, LibreHealth EHR Wiki documentarian

How to contribute

  1. Contact me with your proposal for a document contribution:
  2. Read through the Libre Docs Style Guide
  3. Write your docs- yes, I'd be happy to consult with you on the content and the style
  4. Send me the markup pages to an email I will tell you when we confer
  5. I will publish your docs.

I'm looking forward to working with you!