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Flow Board Guide


This document provides a guide to get started with the Flow Board. The Flow Board is a dashboard that allows you to manage and view your appointments. The Flow Board and the Calendar work in synergy, that is, while the calendar is used to create and view appointments, the Flow Board provides you with an organized view of the patient appointments scheduled in the Calendar. Any changes made in patient appointments in the Calendar are reflected in the Flow Board in real-time.

Memunat Ibrahim, LibreHealth Documentation - Outreachy Internship applicant, Oct 17, 2019.


The Flow Board provides you with an organized view of the patient appointments scheduled in the Calendar. This view displays the appointments scheduled for a given day, it also provides functionalities for filtering these appointments to get some appointment in mind. This section provides you with a guide on how to fully leverage these functionalities to get desirable results.

Setting the Flow Board

After logging in, if the Flow Board tab (highlighted in green in the image below) is not opened on your screen, then, click on Memunati-fb-nav.png on the navigation bar (highlighted in red) at the top of the screen to open the Flow Board tab.


The Flow Board view can be refreshed, locked, or closed using the icons Memunati-fb-tab.png at the top left corner of the Flow Board tab as shown in the image below.


Click on the refresh icon Memunati-fb-refresh.png to refresh the Flow Board view

Click on the Memunati-fb-lock.png icon to lock/unlock the Flow Board view to make the Flow Board tab the only tab visible on the entire screen or to return it to its default shared-screen mode.

Click on the Memunati-fb-close.png icon to close the Flow Board tab

Configuring the Flow Board Appointment Listing

On the Flow Board top left corner, the settings menu shown as a gear icon Memunati-fb-gear.png as highlighted in green in the image below, provides you with options to what you want the appointments listing to look like, by enabling you add and remove displayed columns in the table.


Clicking on the settings Memunati-fb-gear.png provides you with the Flow Board settings view highlighted in green in the image below


Selecting a check box from these settings displays the corresponding field in the Flow Board besides the default fields. These settings are a subset of the Flow Board global settings.

‘Ending Date for Patient Flow Board’ determines the date range for the Flow Board. The default date range for the Flow Board is one month. It is only applied if the ‘Allow Date Range in Patient Flow Board’ option is checked.

‘Patient Flow Board Timer Interval’ is the time period at which the Flow Board is refreshed. This is 20 seconds by default.

Click on Memunati-fb-save.png to save your preference.

Flow Board Filtering Tool

This tool allows you to filter the appointments based on the:

  • Provider: the appointment provider
  • Status: the appointment status
  • Category: the appointment category and
  • Date or Date range: the date of the appointments you want to see