HOWTO: Add A Custom ACL Group

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This is the basic workflow to add a new Access Control List (ACL) Group to the standard collection of groups that are configured by default.

Custom ACL Groups are a convenient way to add specific access permissions to particular users no matter what other ACL group(s) they may belong to.

The target audience of this documentation is a person in the practice who holds some management or administrative capacity yet who is not necessarily an EHR administrator or trained in IT. However the user who performs this workflow does need to have Administrator access to the EHR.

Harley Tuck – LibreHealth EHR Lead Documentarian, December 12, 2018
Virginia Balserio – LibreHealth EHR Intern, January15, 2019
Ruba Awayes – LibreHealth EHR Documentation Intern, May 30, 2020


Open the ACL module on the main menu: Administration/ACL.
See the user list at the left of the opened panel.


  • Once a user has been created you can see and change the ACL groups they are a member of by clicking the Edit link next to their user name


  • To see, edit or delete existing groups, click the Groups and Access Controls checkbox.

The list of groups will expand.


  • For example, the next image is the Front Office group:

Perhaps in your practice you have 5 staff who have Front Office access but you want one of them to do financial reporting.

You could add 'Financial Reporting' to the Front Office ACL, but then all five of them would be able to access that information.

Alternatively you could create a custom group that provides that access and only add it to the one person's ACL groups.

1. Click in the checkbox of the Groups and Access Controls

2. Click the Add New Group link


3. Enter the new group's information:

  • Title
  • a one-word Identifier
  • the 'Return Value' determines the extent to which the group member can modify the record.

Select 'Write'

  • a free text 'Description'


4. Click Submit

  • You will be reminded of any errors


  • Correct any errors and click Submit again

Once the Group has been created it appears on the list of Groups.


5. Click its Edit link

6. Click on Financial Reporting - anything in Inactive column, then the << button at bottom of panel.


7. Click on Placeholder in Active column, then the >> button at bottom of panel


The column will be displayed as follows:

8. In the user's ACL Membership at the top of the screen click Edit to open it.

9. Highlight the new Group and click << button to add to user's active column.


Which results in this display:



With this procedure any arbitrary ACL access may be added to any user no matter what other ACL access they may possess.