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The main menu is the route users take to access all of LHEHR's functions. Different user Access Control List (ACL) groups have their own access rules to the main menu items. For example, the user assigned to the 'Front Desk' ACL group is not permitted to see the 'Administration' menu item. But in addition, custom access rules, or 'Menu Roles' may be configured to assign to a user in their user profile, that further restrict their access beyond the constraints provided by their ACL Group.

The target audience of this documentation is a person in the practice who holds some management or administrative capacity yet who is not necessarily an EHR administrator or trained in IT. However the user who performs this workflow does need to have Administrator access to the EHR.

- HTuck LHEHR Lead Documentarian 12/12/18

- Revised by Ruba Awayes, LHEHR Documentation Intern, 05/28/2020


1) Check if “Enable Role-based menu system” is checked in the Globals settings, as follows:

I. On the Main Menu click ‘Administration/ Globals’.
II. The “Edit Global Settings” panel will be opened.
III. On the “Appearance” tab, check Enable Role-based menu system, and don’t forget to save the change.


2) On the Main Menu click on 'Administration/ Manage Roles' and see the panel as pictured below.


3) Click 'Add Role' button and fill in the Role Name.

4) Select the menu items that this role will ALLOW the user to see; both on the main menu and in its submenus.


Notice how the contents of the 'Manage Role' display
correspond to the contents of the Main Menu and its sub-menus:



5) When finished click 'Create Role' at bottom of panel.


The new role will be displayed in the Role listing.

  • From here it may be 'Edit'ed, which brings back the same panel as was used to create it.
  • Or it may be 'Delete'd.



This brief workflow permits a customized Main Menu access role to be assigned to a user in addition to the constraints imposed by their ACL group.

See HOWTO: Add A New User for usage notes.