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The purpose of this document is to give a quick reference of ‘Flow Board’ module present in the LibreHealth Electronic Health Record (LHEHR).

It gives an overview of accessing and setting personal user preference in the Flow Board.

We will go through the process to find appointment and then changing the status.

The process to view the medical details of the patient is also covered in this document.

Note: You should be logged in to access the ‘Flow Board’ module.

Jayanti Chapagain, LibreHealth EHR Outreachy Applicant, Nov 2, 2019.


Accessing the Flow Board

After you log in, the ‘Flow Board’ module is opened in the right side of ‘Calendar’ module by default. In any case it is not, click on the ‘Flow Board’ menu, next to ‘Calendar’ in the upper right corner of the main screen.


The ‘Flow Board’ module looks like this:


Shortcuts in Flow Board

The title bar of the module has three icons as shown in the picture below. J-pro-fb-03.png

  • The first icon, when clicked, refreshes to show the latest information on the module.
  • The second icon is used for locking the module. When clicked, the module minimizes and floats under the main navigation bar. The lock icon is changed to unlock icon as in picture below.


The module can be opened again by clicking on the unlock icon.

Note: In the lock state, the refresh icon is hidden.

  • The last icon is used to close the module.