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LibreHealth EHR Reports


The LibreHealth EHR application is a clinically-focused electronic health record system designed to be used both “out of the box” and customizable in a variety of health care settings. More specifically, this application is designed to provide a modern, easy-to-use experience for health care professionals in their daily work. This document gives a brief step-by-step tutorial for using the Reports menu in the LibreHealth EHR application.

The Reports menu provides a large number of prepared reports for many aspects of a practice's activities and EHR functions. It provides detailed reports for the following Report types: Clients, Visits, Financial, Inventory, Procedures, Insurance, Blank Forms and Services.

This document has been broken into smaller groupings of Report types based on their quantity and position within the Reports submenu:

Note: These documents have many helpful images which nevertheless slow the page load time. Due to this, most of the images are being shown as thumbnails. The full-sized image may be viewed by clicking on the thumbnail.

Nikita Sharma, LibreHealth EHR Documentation Applicant, 20 Mar 2018 / HTuck ed.

Revised by Maggie Negm, LibreHealth EHR Intern, February 2020


Accessing Reports

1. Select the "Reports" tab from the main menu.


2. Select a Report category type underneath "Reports", then choose a specific Report within that category.


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