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This document explains how to use Flow Board which is part of LibreHealth EHR project.

Flow Board is an organized way to view the patient appointments scheduled using Calendar.

This documentation explores the following areas: * Accessing the Flow Board

  • Flow Board User Preferences
  • Flow Board Filtering Feature
  • List of Appointments

Note that Flow Board and Calendar work together and any changes made in one of them will appear in the other.

Ruba Awayes, LibreHealth EHR-Outreachy Internship applicant, 17 Mar 2020.


Accessing the Flow Board

1. After logging into the system, locate the “Flow Board” tab from the main menu.


2. Clicking “Flow Board” option will open a new tab in the main window.
3. The Flow Board tab can be refreshed, locked or closed using the icons

next to the tab name as shown here File:FlowBoard-02.png, where:

  • Refresh icon File:Picture 10.pngto reload and update the panel.
  • Lock icon Picture 11.pngto hide the panel and put it in the top of the main window, clicking it again will reopen the window.
  • Close icon File:Picture 12.pngto close the tab.

Flow Board User Preferences


1. Click the gear icon File:Picture 13.pngin the top left of the Flow Board tab, to display a list of different options as follows:


File:Picture 15.png

2. Check the options to set your preferences, to show or hide the corresponding fields that will be shown in the Flow Board results.
3. Set “Ending Date for Patient Flow Board” option to determine the date range for the results.

File:Picture 16.png

4. Set “Patient Flow Board Timer Interval” option to determine how often (in seconds) the Flow Board is refreshed.

Picture 17.pngFlowBoard-10.png

5. Click Picture 18.pngto save your preferences.

Flow Board Filtering Feature

Patient appointments can be searched using search criteria as following (see the image below):* Provider allows selecting from a list of providers with whom the patients have appointment, or for all providers (if none is selected).

  • Status allows selecting the specific status during the patient appointment.
  • Category can be selected to search from the available category options.
  • Date allows filtering the appointment for a specific date. Current date is shown by default.

Simple wikipedia screenshot 2008.png

Note: If “Allow Date Range in Patient Flow Board” is selected in the Flow Board User Preferences, date range ‘From’ and ‘To’ will be shown instead of ‘Date’ as follows:


File:Picture 7.png

After selecting the search criteria, click on the 'Submit' button.

List of Appointments

1. Based on the selection criteria, a list of patient records is displayed on the Flow Board. Fields like Patient ID, Name, Appointment Date, Appointment Time, and Status are displayed.
2. Each patient’s information in the Flow Board is displayed in a color according to the appointment’s status as follows:

File:Picture 23.png

3. Clicking on a patient name opens a new tab with the patient medical record that allows you to view, update or even delete the record.

File:Picture 24.png

4. Clicking on a patient's status opens a new window where you can update the status and the room number. These changes are also reflected in Calendar as well.

File:Picture 25.png


This documentation provides an overview of getting started with LibreHealth Flow Board by exploring the procedures of accessing the Flow Board Panel, setting user preferences, searching for a patient using specific criteria, and viewing the list of patient appointments.