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LibreHealth EHR Globals / Appearance


This document explains how to change the appearance of LibreHealth EHR using the Globals in the Administration menu.

Global settings are the general settings applicable to different services offered by LibreHealth EHR. You must be logged in as an Admin user on the LibreHealth EHR system to access and change them.

One of these superficial settings is the appearance where you can change the default settings and control what you see when the system opens.

In the Appearance tab, we will explore the various methods to change the look and feel of your personal working environment to your preferred interface. This documentation explores the following areas:

  • Accessing the Globals Panel
  • Accessing the Appearance Tab
  • Appearance User Preferences

Ruba Awayes, LibreHealth EHR-Outreachy Internship Applicant, 25 Mar 2020.


Accessing the Globals Panel

1. After logging into the system, locate the “Administration” tab from the main menu.