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Here are the Docs

The LibreHealth EHR Project has been privileged to receive much contributed documentation in many languages from talented amateurs who possess varying levels of skills in Healthcare and IT. Because I (Harley Tuck, current LHEHR Documentarian) am not qualified to proof-read content in any language besides EN-US, the non-English materials here are presented strictly as the efforts of their respective authors. Any questions the reader may have of the non-English documents should be directed to the author of the docs in question. Their contact information is given at the end of each document.

Here are two tutorials discussing and demonstrating how to compose and publish documentation for the LibreHealth EHR Documentation wiki. The first focuses on offline composition in LibreOffice then converting and then uploading to the wiki; the second discusses markup essentials and uses the online editor to compose and edit the docs. They're both very helpful to read even if you only use one composition method.

Libre Features

Descriptions of modules for familiarization

Clinic Workflows

Step- by- step instructions on accomplishing a healthcare or practice management task

Administration Tasks

EHR and module setup and configuration, performed by either the EHR Administrator or any user

LibreHealth EHR YouTube Channel Videos

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